Task and systems analysis

Understanding your musculoskeletal injury risks

A comprehensive approach identifies the combination of multiple contributory risk factors (job design and organisation, environment, tasks performed, anthropometry, personal factors and training) and potential remedial actions to reduce risk.

What are the benefits?

Clarity on risks
Clarity on risks
Reducing potential injuries
Reducing potential injuries
Efficiency improvements
Efficiency improvements
An independent perspective
An independent perspective

Our approach to task/work analysis

We carry out a thorough on-site assessment to gather data for analysis.

Specific tasks are observed (Work As Done) to identify the sequence, frequency and postures adopted.

Relevant in-house documentation is reviewed to provide insight into how things are expected to be done (Work As Imagined).

Dimensional and load measurements are taken of plant, equipment and product.

Interviews with key people to provide information about the context of work, organisational design, perceptions of tasks and associated challenges, discomfort status.

Anthropometric data (individual body dimensions) are used to compare with requirements for ‘fit, reach and see’ of tasks performed.

What you can expect 

The data is analysed and compared with current best practice.

Your report will have the findings and will provide recommendations for organisational design, physical design of tasks and education or training.

What others have said about this service

The report was just what we needed. It is very comprehensive and was a very informative read.
Area Operations Manager
13% reduction in work-related claims in one year. Fewer people needed treatment and less ACC work-related injury claims. You had a big contribution to this.
Health and Safety Coordinator
Very valuable to our service. This is a good investment.
General Manager

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