Vehicle setup

Safe and comfortable driving

We provide practical and sensible advice on adjustments for vehicle setup to suit individuals and improve driver comfort and safety. The same principles apply for machine operators and truck drivers.

“Drivers who spend half their life driving are three times more likely to suffer back trouble” Troup, 1978.

What are the benefits?

Optimal vehicle setup
Optimal vehicle setup
Less discomfort
Less discomfort
Professional advice
Professional advice
Reduce ACC & insurance costs
Reduce ACC & insurance costs

Our approach to vehicle assessments

For drivers with no discomfort or are new to the job, we offer 30-minute assessment to review individual characteristics, work organisation, information about driving and vehicle setup. Where practical adjustments are made and specific advice is given.

 For drivers experiencing discomfort, we undertake a more comprehensive assessment (taking approximately 60 minutes) that reviews the history of discomfort and symptoms experienced in addition to the assessment of vehicle setup.

What can you expect?

Each person receives an informative handout ‘Tips for Drivers’ or ‘Tips for Machine Operators’ depending on their vehicle type.

 A written report provides a summary of findings and recommendations. The report from a 60-minute assessment is more detailed.

What others have said about this service

The assessment was very helpful, it has stopped all sciatica and discomforts I've been having.
Mobile Rural Consultant
I didn’t know that small adjustments could make such a big difference!
Forestry Worker
I appreciated the thorough assessment which was most helpful and set me up in the correct position.
Vehicle Driver
That was really useful. I’ve learnt lots and feel much more comfortable.
Excavator Operator
The guys really appreciated having someone come on-site and look at their set up. They take notice of a person with special expertise.
Site Foreman

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