Computer workstation assessments with virtual options available

No more discomfort when using computers

Computers are everyday tools. By following best practice guidelines for computer users, people stay comfortable and productive.

Working from home is different - virtual help is available

NEW SERVICE is available to help you set up your work space at home.

We provide professional expertise and practical DIY solutions using common household items that will allow you to work in comfort and stay productive. 

Alexander Ergonomics and Optimise Limited have collaboratively developed resources to provide high quality virtual consulting and education services for home-based, remote or teleworkers. 

If you want some advice to review where you are working, what you have to work with and how to put it together, we offer a 10-minute consultation. 

For a more detailed assessment that includes 'My Tips for Remote Working' worksheet and a summary report provided to your nominated manager, we offer a 40-minute consultation.

Team training via video-conference is available to learn about preventing discomfort and how to set up a workstation at home (maximum 10 people per session).

How can our assessments help?

Improved comfort and concentration
Improved comfort and concentration
Purchasing recommendations
Purchasing recommendations
Compliance with best practices
Compliance with best practices
Professional expertise
Professional expertise

Our approach to workstation assessments

We offer group workshop sessions for participants to learn about correct computer set up, preventing discomfort and best practice principles. Workshops typically take around 45 minutes and work best when combined with individual workstation checks.

 Individual workstation checks are for people with no discomfort or who are new to the job. This assessment takes approximately 30 minutes. Individual characteristics, work organisation, workstation set up, illumination keying and mousing techniques are reviewed. Where practical adjustments are made to the set up and specific advice given.

 For people experiencing discomfort, we offer a comprehensive workstation assessment that takes approximately 60 minutes. This assessment includes a review of the set up with additional in-depth assessment of the history of discomfort and symptoms experienced.

What can you expect from the process?

Each person receives an informative handout ‘Tips for Computer Users’ on workstation set up, exercises and strategies for preventing discomfort.

A written report provides recommendations and guidance on selecting suitable furniture or equipment as needed. Multiple workstation checks are summarised into one report.

The comprehensive workstation assessment report is more detailed.

What others have said about this service

Very helpful and picked up on a lot of areas that I wasn’t aware of.
I did notice a real difference in how I felt. It’s quite remarkable! I’m not getting pain in my arm now.
Accounts Receivable Assistant
Assessment and advice were both very professional.
Purchasing Officer
Whole assessment process with excellent and thorough. Very interesting and easy to follow.
The assessment was great. I feel confident now that I’m doing everything I can at my desk to minimise discomfort.
Customer Service Consultant

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